Q&A with Lacy Wooden

Meet Lacy Wooden. Lacy is the new director of people and culture for CICF.

What excites you about your new role? 

What excites me about my new role is that it is a “New Role” for CICF. This to me means that I have an opportunity to do a new thing in a space that has identified a need and made it an opportunity/priority to focus on the needs of the people and the culture of the organization. The people in my eyes have always been the wind beneath our wings in business. It is exciting to serve at an organization that is not shying away from the complex work of building authentic relationships while working intentionally against all forms of racism, promoting shared power, influencing the actions, beliefs, and culture internally and externally by building a stronger community for all that will be sustainable in the future.

 In this past year, what book, movie or album resonated with you in the strongest way and why? 

In this past year, I have continued the journey of watching the final chapter of the series This Is Us. It started with a recap with present-day Rebecca saying, “I’m not worried about forgetting about the big stuff. It’s the regular Saturday when the kids were little, a day when nothing big really happens, and we’re laughing and playing pin the tail on the donkey. That’s the stuff I’m not ready to let go of yet.” We do so many great things in this life, but it’s the small stuff that really makes life live…The series has given viewers so many life nuggets and the finale did not disappoint. “When you’re young, you’re always trying to be old. And when you’re old, you’re always trying to go back,” the writer says. “That’s what we’re doing, collecting these little moments. We don’t recognize them when we’re in them because we’re too busy looking forward.” We spend so much time looking ahead, that we tend to spend the rest of our lives looking back, and reminiscing over the “good ole days”. Rebecca was sad to leave her family as she was dying, and William, Randall’s Dad told her if you are sad, it is because things were pretty beautiful. That reminded me that in life we can get caught up in the sad things, the things that cause us harm at times, the things that just don’t make sense…but we should also remember the good stuff as those are the times that really carry us to our next.

What’s one thing you’re learning now, and why is it important? 

One thing I’m learning now is to be patient with myself and trust the process

What’s your favorite way to unwind after a busy day

My favorite way to unwind at the end the day is to sit on my porch with a glass of wine while listening to smooth jazz, watching the kids in our neighborhood play, as I await the beautiful sunset. I make sure I stop to look at the sunset daily.

 What’s your most recent act of equity? 

This was a hard question to answer due to the fact that I don’t think of the things that I do as “Acts of Equity” I just simply make an intentional effort to treat everyone with fairness.

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