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A Conversation with TRILANDA COLBERT & Tashi CopELand
Tashi Copeland

Tashi Copeland

Trilanda Colbert

Trilanda Colbert

Meet Trilanda Colbert. Mother. Entrepreneur. Nutrition Coach. Colbert was a winner of the 2021 IMPACT Central Indiana PitchFeast investment competition. At the event, she showcased her business, Kei2health—designed to help people set, achieve and maintain sustainable healthy lifestyle changes.  

Colbert recently became the first IMPACT investee to complete the cycle of  “recycling philanthropy” with IMPACT Central Indiana. Investments made through IMPACT are directed to businesses or organizations that provide social impact in our community through low-interest loans. Learn more about IMPACT Central Indiana and this unique approach to philanthropy.  

TASHI – How did Kei2Health come about?

TRILANDA – I started the journey 22 years ago, initially for myself.  I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and low potassium. The doctor said, these run on both sides of your family—just take a pill. At 25, I didn’t want to be taking medication. I was determined to change my eating and figure out what I could do to avoid taking medication. So that’s what really got me into looking at food for healing. 

My background is in human resources. I did that for about 22 years. I left my corporate job in 2018. I thought I was just going to take a little break and get back into it, but I felt like that was not what I was supposed to be doing anymore. I asked myself, what do I always tell people—operate in your passion. What do you dream about? What would you do if you didn’t get paid to do it? 

I determined that I really want to help people understand the importance of not just what we eat, but how we eat so that we can heal naturally.

I received my certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and incorporated Kei2Health in November 2019.  

Initially, I thought I would be doing more workshops and one-on-one coaching. But as I was talking to people, they wanted me just to cook and bake for them. In addition to weekly meal prep and baking, I also cater.

Would you want to expand the business? You said you originally went into this venture wishing to do more workshops. 

I definitely do because, first and foremost, I’m an educator at heart. I always want to help people understand and provide information they didn’t know before. You can’t make a good choice if you don’t have enough information to choose from.  

How did the IMPACT Central Indiana PitchFeast competition propel your business forward? 

It definitely propelled me into the catering realm. Not only being a Pitcher in the competition but also catering the meal for the event. In 2021, CICF was my number one resource for catering. People attending either their meetings or workshops that they were having catered generated more business for me. It’s been really great that almost all of my catering in the last two years have been referrals, with the bulk of them from CICF. 

One of the investment opportunities of IMPACT is businesses and enterprises led by people of color. Finding other organizations willing to invest in minority-led businesses and securing loans for Black and brown companies can be challenging. What advice would you give BIPOC entrepreneurs trying to start their business journeys? 

I would advise that they don’t just try to jump into it alone. Connect with a group. I know the peer group Kendrea offers through PitchFeast has been extremely helpful. It’s a time we can come together and just say ‘hey, what do you need? Is there anything you need help with?’ And somebody in that group knows somebody that can help you or who’s been down that path. I don’t want anybody else to have to learn things the hard way. If I can help you, I will help you. I’m also a business coach so I can guide people in that area.  

Now, obviously, since 2020, there have been quite a few banks and organizations that are more focused on trying to help people of color get the education and loans they need. There have been more grant opportunities. But many of them require you to go through an eight-week or six-week program, which not everyone has the luxury to do or may not even need all of the information being offered.  

How can people connect to Kei2Health and all that you have to offer? 

I am at the Indy Winters Farmer’s Market every Saturday at the AMP through the end of April. This summer, I’ve committed to Pike’s Farmer’s Market

I’m on all social media. I always share upcoming events on my media feeds. For people that are looking to make healthy lifestyle changes, I offer a free health consultation that can be scheduled on my website.

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Instagram: @kei2health 

The next IMPACT Central Indiana PitchFeast event is May 22, 2023. Interested in pitching? Apply here. 

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