Hamilton County Not-for-profits to Receive $240k Multi-Year Investment from Hamilton County Community Foundation

Hamilton County Community Foundation is proud to announce an investment of $240,000 over three years in support of two not-for-profit organizations dedicated to enhancing the well-being of Hamilton County residents.

“The two not-for-profits we selected to receive this funding are both highly unique and enhance the lives of our Hamilton County neighbors in ways rarely seen at this scale,” said Tom Kilian, President of Hamilton County Community Foundation. “By investing these unrestricted funds over three years, Hamilton County Community Foundation is helping drive sustained impact and operational longevity for these not-for-profits and ultimately for those they serve.”

Originally intending to offer a single grant of $40,000 over three years, the Hamilton County Community Foundation board of directors approved the grants committee recommendation to expand its support and award two multi-year grants to the top finalists, acknowledging the deeper impact and relationship that can be made when embracing the core tenet of trust-based philanthropy – multi-year, unrestricted grants.

The two grant recipients are: 

Invest Hamilton County: Invest Hamilton County is an economic development driver for our county. It convenes and collaborates with partners to address critical community challenges, including re-entry, behavioral health, childcare and workforce development, to ensure that every person in Hamilton County has a pathway to a fulfilling life.

Invest Hamilton County leverages its deep expertise in securing federal funding and strategic partnerships to amplify the impact of the funding it receives. For every $1 in operational support received, Invest Hamilton County has raised $4+ to support programming and sends $2+ back into partnering community organizations.

“This support from HCCF will impact dozens of non-profit, educational, civic, and business partners, while also helping to scale and sustain impactful training programs and community initiatives in areas like child care, disability employment, mental health, re-entry, and k-12 education,” said Mike Thibideau, President & CEO of Invest Hamilton County “Through intentional collaboration, evidence-based innovation, and a passion for action, we will build paths that allow every person in Hamilton County to live the best life they can.”

Trinity Free Clinic: Serving uninsured, underinsured, and low-income residents of Hamilton County, Trinity Free Clinic provides essential medical, dental, vision, and behavioral health services with dignity and respect. Trinity Free Clinic plays a vital role in addressing healthcare disparities and preventing individuals from falling into extreme poverty due to healthcare expenses. By ensuring that all members of the community have access to the care they need to thrive, Trinity Fee Clinic’s mission intersects with Hamilton County Community Foundation’s mission to bring equitable opportunities for prosperity.

“Nearly 35,000 people in Hamilton County cannot afford needed health services and risk being pushed into extreme poverty due to lack of healthcare access and healthcare debt,” said Mel Wischmeyer, Executive Director of Trinity Free Clinic. “We have been the safety net clinic for low-income and uninsured individuals in Hamilton County for nearly 25 years.  These stable, multi-year funds will allow Trinity to go deeper in researching and addressing health equity and access in Hamilton County, including the nearly 50,0000 Hamilton County residents enrolled in Medicaid who have difficulty accessing care close to home.”

Through these investments, Hamilton County Community Foundation leads the charge in supporting organizations that foster a resilient and equitable community. These investments also continue the legacy of multi-year grants from the Foundation that have supported innovative organizations and programs in the past, including Hamilton County Youth Assistance, Shepherd’s Center for Hamilton County Reaching Resources, and the Westfield YMCA.


Media Contacts:

Hamilton County Community Foundation: Kelsey Singh (KelseyS@cicf.org)

Mike Thibideau (mthibideau@investhamiltoncounty.com), Jill Doyle (jdoyle@investhamiltoncounty.com), Hannah Kiefer (hannah.s.kiefer@gmail.com)

Trinity Free Clinic: Mel Wischmeyer (Mel@trinityfreeclinic.org) and Cindy Love (cindy@trinityfreeclinic.org)

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