Helping Central Indiana Achieve Self-Sufficiency

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CICF’s Family Success Initiative Investment Plan

Launched in 2004 by CICF and its affiliates, Family Success addresses deep-rooted problems facing Central Indiana communities: major gaps in assets and income, low educational attainment and dangerous behaviors.

Many families afflicted by these problems lack the means—economically and otherwise—to properly address them. And when the problems are allowed to fester, the cycle of poverty is perpetuated, communities grow unstable, and the entire region suffers. Family Success aims to break the poverty cycle for hardworking families by leveraging strategic, results-oriented solutions, such as:

Direct Services

Direct Services are programs and/or organizations that directly help families reach financial stability with measurable results. The nationally recognized Center For Working Families model has been the backbone to the Family Success Initiative. This program provides employment coaching, financial coaching and income support services that have improved the lives of thousands of Central Indiana residents.
CICF is expanding the Center For Working Families model and asset building strategy to include additional organizations in Marion County, and soon in Hamilton County.

System Change

System Change is creating a “new way of doing business” that challenges community leaders to collaborate and design better pathways for families to get ahead and pursue career advancement. This requires collectively aligning strategies for families to pursue education, secure living wage jobs, and access financial services.

With a more aligned educational, workforce, and financial system, direct service providers will be in a better position to help low-income families take advantage of the support they need to reach self-sufficiency. CICF has partnered with Hire UP Indy, among other organizations, because they are examining the technical skills gap in Central Indiana and creating a measurable plan to help develop and train employees to fill that skills gap.

Research & Advocacy

The entire Family Success Initiative is driven by research and data. The more information the public knows about barriers restricting Hoosiers from obtaining self-sufficiency, the more that can be done to break down those barriers.

For example, CICF supports Indiana Institute for Working Families in their research and policy recommendations to eliminate the Benefits Cliff—the result of a $.50 hourly increase that triggers a complete loss of benefits, such as child care, and places the individual back into poverty. The Institute is crucial to advocating policies that reward hard work and lift people out of poverty.

To learn more about the Family Success Initiative, contact Anne Guthrie, Community Investment Officer at or 317.631.6542 x 146.


So proud of you!


Last summer, I attended a conference where a social entrepreneurship grant was offered by an Indiana-based foundation. Was that CICF?
I’m curious because the nonprofit that I work for is considering creating a similar offering, and we’re looking to understand how others have experienced this type of program.
Thanks for your help!


Laurie – We’d love to help you get that info about that grant. We’ve passed your message along to our Community Investment team and they’ll be in touch soon. They would be your best resource for that information. Best of luck!


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